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Anand Sharma Says Its Time To Revive Congress; Rahul, Sonia Unite Towards Solution

The deafeat of Congress party has been a major setback for it. The party leaders and workers are demoralised and disappointed. There is a need to take appropriate actions in this regard. The election outcome is due to a combinations of reasons and not just one.

There is need for dispassionate, objective and honest evaluation, introspection to identify all the factors and shortcomings…then only we can take those decisions which will help us to strengthen the Congress as grassroots. There should not be any knee jerk responses and you cannot look for scapegoats. It is a collective responsibility of all who were associated with the election work – the campaign committees, manifesto committees and also the committees in the states.

Elections as the Congress party was preparing after the Assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh.. the calculations and the factors on the ground changed after the cynical exploitation of the national emotion and sentiments post-Pulwana terror attack which shocked the country. The Government was responsible and had to give an account as to why despite high alerts such a terrible tragedy took place. But that was used to fast track an agenda which the BJP and the Prime Minister had in mind to change the narrative and to reap electoral benefits. Yet we were not expecting such results because there was no visible undercurrent in the Hindi heartland, no indications. It is time for us to look all factors. The Prime Minister and the BJP exploited the national sentiment to completely change the narrative and deflect attention from their own betrayal of the people. There was no mention of jobs, economy, farmers, the entire focus was on hyper nationalism and patriotism…Their priority was to win an election.