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Google Pixel 4 Leak Already Up, Here It Is In A Transparent Case

Google had unexpectedly leaked the Pixel 4’s rear design on its own along with other leaks about the phone. The leak hasn’t yet slowed down, rather they have grown more.

We’ve seen the Pixel 4 in the three alleged colours it’s going to arrive in, we heard about its dimensions and there was even a live photo of someone holding a prototype unit, somewhere in the wild. Today we’ve been tipped about the image below, which seems to show the Pixel 4 inside a transparent case.

There really isn’t anything new here, with perhaps the exception of the pretty substantial camera hump that you can now visualize. The dimensions leak from a few days ago already told us to expect device thickness to be 8.2mm, whereas the camera bump thickness will be 9.3mm. That’s a 1.1mm hump then, neatly portrayed in this image that has the white and black Pixel 4s but for some reason excludes the ‘mint’ colored model. And it’s also lacking in colored power buttons.

Otherwise the design is what Google has already leaked, so this may very well have originated at an enterprising case maker that simply decided to use that as a basis for these renders.