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PM Modi Asks For Names Of Absentee BJP Ministers In The Parliament Session

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has demanded the details of all the Union ministers who did not attend Parliament inspite of being asked to be present for the session. This is the second time in the same month that such an incident has taken place.

PM Modi made the comments on Tuesday during the weekly meeting of the BJP parliamentary party and asked for the names of ministers whose names were there on the roster for Parliament duty but did not come.

Modi’s sharp reminder on Tuesday was not the first time he has highlighted the problem of MPs skipping sittings.

Earlier this month, the Prime Minister made his views clear that the BJP was keeping a close watch on the attendance of the party’s members of Parliament, who had been skipping sittings or its debates, in the House and its many panels.

Modi had also talked about lax attendance by linking it to promotions. He told the BJP leaders that he went through attendance records, interventions, questions and how MPs interacted in parliamentary committees.

“I rank everyone according to all this and then decide the ministers,’’ Modi said at the BJP’s parliamentary party meeting on July 2.